vendredi 27 novembre 2009

Ein verrücktes Wochenende

Two weeks ago, I made up my mind about publishing a new post on every Friday, but... I just failed at doing so last week :) but there's some good reason: I have been busy with two events : the openZIM developers meeting and my mother's 70 birthday.
My journey began on Friday morning at 10:30 when my boss and I took train to Paris, then from Paris to Basel and finally from Basel to Schopfeim where we reach our goal around 19:00. We spent the evening and part of the night eating spätzle and drinking Weißbier while chatting in English, French and German. Well, I didn't talked so much in German as my skills in this domain are limited to "Danke", finding exact spelling of words on Wikipedia and using Google to translate a blog post title.
On Saturday morning, we joined the openZIM work-group up to 11:30 when it was time for us to head back to France. I got home at 20:00 when the second part of my week end began.
De retour chez moi donc, le temps de me rafraichir, de passer une tenue adéquate et de faire la route, j'arrive chez mes parents à 20:45 où je passe la soirée à bien manger (enfin, pas tant que ça, les voyages ça ouvre pas forcément l'appétit) et à bien boire (calva FTW !) ; je pouvais me permettre, je dormais sur place.
Enfin voila, pour résumer c'était un week-end bien rempli, j'ai pas eu le temps de faire un billet :p

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